'BUTCHERED' is a print collection that focuses on the themes of veganism and violence against women. As always, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. 

There are 3 prints available of each design listed below. Blobbies are handmade and 1 of 1. Worldwide shipping is available. 

snappy larry- available here

meat person- available here 

qualified- available here 

the skinner- available here 

for your cereal- available here 

stabilisers- available here 

2:23am- available here 

hum de dum- available here 

counter- available here 

guinea pig- available here 

lunch lady- available here 

bleach- available here 

hoppy-available here 

milk me- available here 

aisle four- available here 

horse girl- available here 

it's organic- available here 

aquafaba- available here 

leftovers- available here 

99p- available here

Salt Space Co-op

The following were part of Salt Space Co-operative Member Shows. 

'rat love' is a 1 of 1 print, with worldwide delivery. It is available to purchase here

'thoughts and prayers' is a one of a kind acrylic painting on MDF board. It is available to purchase here

six foot gallery (autumn exhibition)

'j.c and the boys' & 'sorry bellini' were part of Sixfoot Gallery's Autumn Exhibition. 

More information and purchase links are available here

shado mag

Shado Magazine hosted 'Climate Justice & Community Action' which conssted of activism talks and an artist exhibition. 

'a bible story' is available to purchase here.


Scope's opening showcase ran from September 1st-31st. 'escalate' and 'saddle up' are featured below. They are available to purchase here


The #whosebodyisit project has been created collectively via WeForWomensStories. The event educated, inspired and formed a safe space to raise funds for women who have survived sexual assault in Liverpool/Merseyside. 

'rubber' photographed below is A3 and one of a kind. All proceeds from this sale will be donated to RASA. It is available to purchase here.

summer at six

Selected work displayed at Six Foot Gallery's 'Summer at Six' exhibition.  

Item information and purchases links are available to view here.






The selected piece below was displayed at Granton:hub's 'Recycl-Age' exhibition. Available to view from July 9th-July 11th 2021.

Please enquire directly if interested or for further information. 



window shopping 

During the second covid-19 lockdown, window shopping was a home exhibit. This focuses on ritualistic daily tendencies and habitual nature. 

Covered by: Egomania Magazine, We R Babes & Refractions Zine



beep bop- available here

ealing broadwayavailable here

saddle up- available here

window shopping- available here

what a mess (SOLD)

burst- available here

available here

voicemail (SOLD)

tarot- available here

stitched up- available here

window cleaning- available here

white russian- available here

scaled- available here

splish splash (SOLD)

rubber- available here

pressed- available here

floor 8- available here

floor 9- available here

the popper- available here

boop boop beep- available here

arm bands- available here

escalate - available here



kickass vs hitgirl (variant cover)

Variant cover for Kick-ass VS Hit-Girl #5: This is a digital illustration released with the March issue.