emily brooks millar


Emily Brooks Millar 

(B. 1998)


University of Strathclyde, BA (Hons) Medicinal History: investigated using Oral History 2018-2022

Tramway Visual Arts Studio, Portfolio Preparation, 2018-2019

Selected Exhibitions

September-December 2021, GoMA Youth Group Exhibition, GoMA, Glasgow

July 2021, SixFoot Gallery, Glasgow. 

July 2021, ‘Recycl-Age’ Edinburgh Science Festival’s ‘Coastal Knowledge’, Granton:Hub, Edinburgh.

March 2021, ‘Window Shopping’, Home Exhibition (Covid-19 Lockdown), Glasgow.

December 2020, ‘Nuns on the Run’, Home Exhibition (Covid-19 Lockdown), Glasgow. 

February 2020, ‘Femme Fatale’, MANY Studios, Glasgow.

April 2018, Tramway Visual Arts Studio, Glasgow.


June 2021, Boomer Magazine

May 2021, The Working Artist

May 2021, Art Hole Magazine

April 2021, BABES, Online Interview

March 2021, Egomania Magazine, Online Interview 

March 2021, Kick Ass VS Hit Girl 5, Alternate Front Cover 

April 2021, Refractions Zine, Illustration 

December 2020, Mail on Sunday, Print interview about ‘Nuns on the Run’

May 2020, The Big Issue, Covid Crusaders 

July 2019, Killerandasweetthang, Sex

May 2019, Killerandasweetthang, Sex

Other Projects and Commissions 

GoMA Youth Group (2021): Working collaboratively with other creatives, our small team meets weekly to discuss exhibitions, curation and practise. This process has also included running workshops for the public within the Gallery of Modern Art and exhibiting our creations. 

Donna Rutherford’s ‘Lost and Found’ (2021): Screened at Glasgow Green during the Euros, I have taken part in artist Donna Rutherford’s oral history project. As part of a small group, my interview and performance are included in her documentation. 

Salt Space Cooperative Member (2021) 

Brooks.Lines Custom Artwork (2019-2021): I have created over 200 personal commissions based on important moments, using a linear technique. Commissions were both digital and physical print.

Brooks.Lines Tattoo Designs (2019-2021): Since formerly tattooing, I have designed over 100 personalised tattoos for a global clientele. 

Brooks.Lines Jewellery (2020-2021): Sustainable handmade and independently designed pieces.


Netflix Marketing 2018

The Big Issue 2018

The Times Newspaper 2018

STV 2018

Titan Publishing 2018

Andy Scott Studio 2017

IWC 2015