emily brooks millar

nuns on the run (2020)

Due to a covid-19 lockdown, nuns on the run took place as a home exhibit. Inspired by comic book pulp and a heavy sense of humour, this premier solo exhibit garnered media attention and sparked debate.

nuns on the run (SOLD)

an education (SOLD)

sorry bellini - available here 

10am mass (SOLD)

a sinner- available here

call 999 (SOLD)

jc and the boys- available here

robbed (SOLD)

something's fishy- available here

hail mary (SOLD)

bible story- available here

nuns on the run part two (SOLD)

nun or a bun- available here

all news is real news (SOLD)

don't be a copy-available here

bloody mary (SOLD)

nun with a gun (SOLD)

conflict (SOLD)

rat love- available here

smoking nuns (SOLD)

you have one new message (SOLD)

nuns having fun (SOLD)

red wine (SOLD)

rinsed (SOLD)

helping hands- available here

driving lessons (SOLD)

catholic guilt- available here

school dinners (SOLD)

the chaplain (SOLD) 

nun with a gun part two (SOLD)